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Mohammad marries innovative design with function, enriching user experiences and uplifting design standards with genuine passion and expertise.

Waris Misbah

Partner - HUED

Mohammed masterfully navigates innovative solutions, aligning delightful user experiences with precise market and business necessities.

Moayad Taibah

Research & Insights Senior Manager - STA, x HUED

An invaluable asset, Mohamed infuses creativity and innovation into product design, always delivering beyond expectations with wit and wisdom.

Hatem Amin

Head of CX & Design, x HUED

Mohamed orchestrates large-scale projects with adept agility, turning challenges into success stories and significantly boosting market trust.

Alina Achiricioaei

Service Design Director - STA x HUED

Leading with effortless finesse, Moha turns challenges into victories, evolving from a sharp designer to a cherished, impactful design leader.

Prashant Dixit

DH Executive Director - Tawuniya, x HUED Partner

A manager and creator, Mohamed consistently delivers on deadlines, fosters team harmony, and ensures every design mission is a success.

Karim AbdelKader

Experience Development Executive Director - STA, x HUED

Mohamed artfully simplifies complex ideas into appealing designs, presenting them with a compelling, straightforward allure.

Abdallah Alemran

Director of Digital Solutions - Monshaat

Transforming and ascending through HUED’s ranks, Mohamed blends potent design intuition with a ceaseless drive for learning and growth.



Exceeding expectations, Mohammad combines harmonious work with out-of-the-box thinking and superb leadership in design initiatives.

Sulaiman Al-Faifi

VP Of Technology - Salam

Mohammed’s leadership in establishing Tawuniya Digital Hub was impactful, paving the way for inspiring customer journeys and experiences.

Sivakumar Seshadri

Chief Digital Office - Tawuniya

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